Around Rhône Glacier

Head for one of the highest mountain passes in the Swiss Alps, the Furkapass. It connects Gletsch, Valais with Realp, Uri. On the way, take a look at the awesome little church in Gletsch, a small town that looks pretty spooky during off-season! It’s a perfect spot to watch or take pictures of the stars and the Milky Way.

From there you can climb up to the now closed Belvedere Hotel, it’s about 125 years old. This view is more than famous, however you can’t miss that good feeling of taking a picture there. Also, check out the other side of this abandoned building, the view is worth capturing as well.

Opposite to the hotel, is where you can access the Rhône Glacier area. You walk for a few minutes and from there you’ll have an amazing view! The Rhône starts here and ends in the south of France (812 kilometers long) passing through Geneva, Lyon and Avignon. In the summer months, you may actually be able to touch the glacier. You can visit a bluish tunnel that is about 100 meters deep. This cave is dug-out yearly for over a 170 years. Make sure to wear good shoes, with a good grip and a warm coat!

Early in the morning, and off-season preferably, you may be fortunate enough to find yourself alone in this scenery which is an awesome feeling. You can walk around – but be very respectful of this place – leave no trace!