Hi, my name is Phil!!

I am a Switzerland based scientist that turned into a portrait and landscape photographer.

Photography is an art
It’s about finding extra-ordinary
In an ordinary place

I aim to give an arty touch to my photographs and I also search for new/original perspectives. I love to travel and work with new people and brands all around the world. One of my favorite parts of this job is to teach photography, I love it when people realize, that they can do great shots with a bit of knowledge and practice. I like selling my art, even if it’s not the main part of my work. I am glad when someone uses one of my prints to decorate his home or when a company needs my shots for a campaign or their website.

Perfection and satisfaction are not enough to me, let’s add some emotion to the cocktail!

Skills & Perspectives

As a Leitmotiv, it is crucial for me to be 100% satisfied with my pictures and that I can give my customers the best result possible.

I favor exchanges and discussions with the client to perfectly get the idea and realize the right shots. 

Also during my courses and workshops I give my best to teach and explain well and patiently to the participants all the techniques and notions they need to improve their photography.



85%Post processing



I will take pictures of your brand, company, products, athletes or people if they are outdoors and action oriented. Most of all, if you want beautiful shots of your region, I am your man!

Workshops and courses

I give throughout the year different workshops, mainly based in Switzerland. They are opened to beginners and more advanced photographers who want to learn new skills and visit great places safely.

I also teach 1 on 1 or to small groups on request.

Fine art prints

I give the opportunity to everyone interested in my work to buy quality fine art prints. These are limited and selected works. However, if you have a particular request, just ask me.